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JayQuan : The first time I heard you as an artist was around '83 with "One For The Treble"...but I know that you go back further as a Dj and producer, whats some of your early work?


Davy DMX : I produced '' Action " for Orange Krush (the band that played on Run DMCs " Sucker Mcs " ),I did " Money "  and " Bubble Bunch " for Jimmy Spicer. I also did " Problems Of The World " and " F - 4000 " for Fearless 4


JQ : How did you hook up with Russell Simmons and Kurtis Blow ?


DD : I had a crew called Solo Sounds....with Hurricane & Cool T...(that later became the Afros)....we used to play in the parks....thats where I met Run when he was young . He introduced me to Russell and Kurtis .


JQ : What about your musical background....were into music before Hip Hop ? .....you seem more musical than most Djs.


DD : I learned to play bass in church , and I used to play in a band .


JQ : So all of you cats were from Queens...Run, Hurricane etc ?


DD : Yeah Hollis.....thats my fam....I was gonna be Run DMCs Dj originaly..thats why you hear " Dave cut the record down to the bone " .


JQ : Spyder D is from Hollis too right ?


DD : Yeah , I went to high school with him....I didnt even know till later that he was the one making those records...Smerphies Dance and all those .


JQ : Whose idea was " AJ Scratch meets Davy D " from Kurtis Blows America Lp ?


DD : We all had input , I did most of the production....we used the first ever sample loop on that album..for " If I Ruled The World ".  We looped " Pump Me Up " by Trouble Funk .


JQ : Yeah that was hot....I noticed you like to cut the voice from Fab 5 Freddys " Change The Beat " . ..That FRESH...part that everybody used .


DD : Yeah that was a dope record....its like pure Hip Hop....I usually like to cut beat parts of a record .


JQ : Yeah I noticed you used the drum break from " Mardis Gras "...thats like a trademark for you. You did the Fat Boys first album too ?


DD : I co produced it with Kurtis Blow...I produced a lot of the " Krush Groove " soundtrack   . I did " Beats to the ryhme " , " Runs House " , "Pause" and " How'd Ya Do It D " for Run DMC. And I did " Transformation/Scratch On Galaxy " for Jeckyll & Hyde .


JQ : " Beats to the ryhme "  &  " Runs House " saved that album (Tougher Than Leather ).


DD : Thanks


JQ : What Djs/Producers past & present do you respect ?


DD : Dj Scratch , Marley Marl , 45 King , Kay Gee (Naughty By Nature) and Grandmixer D.ST . are a few .


JQ : On the " Davys Ride " lp you were ahead of your time with the R&B/Hip Hop mixture...were those mostly your ideas ?


DD : Yes , but Hurricane had input....and we had a group called Secret Weapon with Jerome Prister and Ricky Paige....they contributed .


JQ : Secret Weapon that made " Must Be The Music " & " Dj Man " ?


DD : Yes


JQ : You mentioned to me that you are building your studio as we speak . Are you recording commercially ?


DD : No just doing my independent stuff .


JQ : What is your opinion of current Hip Hop ?


DD : I wont knock it , if its advancing the music and keeping kids off the streets...thats cool....but it has no substance....its stagnant . The creativity is missing ..... it seems stuck .


JQ : How about the lack of scratching in the music .


DD : The industry seperated the Dj from the Emcee....and the Emcees seem more concerned with doin their thing , and gettin paid....


JQ : Lastly Tuff City put out an lp on you called FFFresh.....do you get any royalties from it ?


DD : Nah.....most of that stuff was just 4 track tapes....ideas that I had....I didn't even know that it was being released .


JQ : Peace ...its an honor....you still have quite a fanbase....we are looking forward to hearing something soon .

DD : Thanks.....Peace


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